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GERD Online is website and only a website located in "Sin City" Las Vegas, Nevada. With the help of only a few people we are able to produce what we think is a high quality website. On site we have a real live GERD Patient who is going through GERD while you are at the same time. Our GERD Patient has had GERD for a little over a year and is young at the time. We strive each month to provide you with the best possible information available on the web. With the help of a website designer and our team we think we have built one great site. GERD Online hopes you learn alot from the site!
Our Mission
We have one mission and one mission only. That is to help GERD Patients and others become educated on this disorder that affects million of people all year long. Some live with this disorder and don't know one thing and we feel that's where we come into play. We have as many possible ways as we can think of for you to interact with GERD and the GERD community. We have message boards,conatct us features,polls,and a support group we call GERD Town. We are always open for improvement and suggestions so if you have any please feel free to contact us!We hope you learn and at the same time enjoy GERD Online! Feel free to move about the site by using any of the links below, to the left, and up above and enjoy GERD Online!

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