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Diagnostic Test

Hello everyone as a GERD patient I feel what you are all going through. Some days are good, and well some days are bad. All in all I pray for the people that suffer each night knowing that in the end we will all be better once again whether it takes months or even years. Now I will share my personal expierences with these test to you. Remember Do not be scared with any test, just take it as it comes to you because all these test are simple!If you have any questions about anything ask me!


Real quick I had to take this test because my doctor was stumped at what I had. And now the colonoscopy! This test allows the doctor to look inside your entire large intestine. For this test you will be under general anesthia. You will be put on your left side. The doctor will insert a long flexible tube (colonscope) into your rectum and guide it through your colon.The doctor will blow air inside you to expand your bowels so he can get a better view.

This test takes about 30 to 60 minutes. During the test the doctor may take biospies for further testing. You will have to wait at the hospital until the sedative wears off and someone must drive you home.

For this test your colon must be empty. Two days before the test you will go on a liquid diet. You will have to also take laxatives and an enema or either one.

Upper GI

This test uses a series of x-rays. During this test you will be asked to drink a thick chalky liquid called barium. The barium coats your insides giving the radiologist a clearer x-ray. Using a fluroscope (machine that takes the x-rays) the doctor can watch as the barium moves through your entire body.

Expect this test to last about 1 to 2 hours depending on how fast the barium moves through you. The barium may cause you to become constipated. The stool will be white because of the barium. Your doctor will tell you to drink lots of water!

For this test your stomach must be empty. The night before the test, the doctor will tell you not to drink anything after midnight. You may be givin other instructions so listen up!

Upper Endoscopy

This test allows the doctor to look inside your esophagus and stomach. I must say this will really tell if you have GERD or not from this test the doctor will run. For this test you will put under general anesthia. You will swallow a small tube. The endoscope will be used to take biospies. The scope will blow air inside of you to help the doctor see inside.

This test will take about 20 to 30 minutes. You will remain in the hosiptal unitl the drugs wear off. You may have a soar throat for about 24 hours and this is normal. You will not be able to eat anything after midnight the night before. Ask your doctor for more info.

Gastric Emptying Mixed Meal Nuclear Test

Call it what you want but heres another test. This test allows the doctor to see if your stomach is emptying to fast giving you the feeling of being full.

For this test you will be given food that contains a nuclear medicine. After you eat you will lay under the x-ray and it will take several pictures. The test will last about 1 and 30 minutes. You must not eat for 4-6 hours before the test. The medicine that goes in will come out through your bowels.


As you can see none of these test are to bad. Of course if you have taken a test other than those listed we would like to hear about it. Tell us the general procedure so we can help to inform someone about this test of yours. GERD Online strives to make all information possible to our viewers. So please tell us about it! If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them. Send all questions here.Now that you know about the Testing involved you can move on to another section of our site. Simple click on any link to the left of your screen.

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Diagnostic Test






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