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Diet & Lifestyle Changes
If you suffer from GERD both Diet and Lifestyle changes may be the answer to help you out. Below we have made two charts that show you what foods to avoid and also some changes you can make if your life.
Avoid Avoid Avoid
Large meals Food 2-3 hrs before laying Citrus juices
Spicy items Chocolate Alcohol
Coffee Peppermints Fat & Grease

You Should You Should
Lose Excess weight Raise your head in bed
Avoid tight garments Avoid smoking

Along with these changes over the counter drugs are available to you. Antacids are useful in relieving your heartburn . H2 blockers are drugs that bring down the acid in the stomach. Both drugs are safe if you get heartburn once and awhile. If you are on these drugs for more than 3 weeks you should notify your doctor.

There are many prescription drugs available from your doctor. Prokinectic or promotility drugs help to make the LES muscle stronger. Proton Pump Inhibitors are the strongest of this class of medicine. They block acid production in your stomach.

At this time our GERD patient has been taken off of propulsid and put on reglan along with prilosec.

So if you have GERD you can make life a little more peaceful by using any of these changes in diet, your life, or use medicine to reduce the acid in your stomach!

Recipes For People With GERD
We all suffer from GERD and we don't know what to eat. Right!? Well it's timke we take a stand and start eating right. This is why GERD Online has created a section dedicated to receipes for people with GERD. Check out the section by clicking here!

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